You So Bougie

Attempting to quell my potentially obsessive consumption through online it working?

So jealous, it just ain’t right.

This is such a dream, and it’s so inspiring for dinner parties that I may one day host. Gah, but for now I just feel jealousy and want. Folks, this is what middle school felt like. 

Though, I hope my inclinations are more mature these days…

via Kinfolk

Seriously can never get enough of Vanessa Bruno Lookbook videos. 

Pictureless Pinterest

I’m on Pinterest, and I admittedly waste way too much time pinning shit. I know, it’s a consumerist trap glorifying obsessive consumption. I find it useful sometimes though, and it’s nice for drawing inspiration for top secret business plans.

That being said, it is important to have a sense of humor about it! Pinterest is so silly. everything begins to look the same! This Twitter hilariously just posts descriptions of pins, and they just sound so ridiculous. Click on, read and laugh!


OMG, my credit card is thawing on the counter. No credit March is over. What should I buy??

Just kidding, I’m spending it all in Italy next week. I’m only going to eat cannolis and sunshine. 

OR should I just cave and buy these little doods?

Having just converted to a smart phone, I’m really relishing the ability to take quick snapshots of the little things that I find striking, beautiful or interesting in my day. 

Cursive Designs

These are out of control awesome, and so not a part of no spending March. No spending March sucks. It doesn’t even have a ring to it. Well, I hope April doesn’t turn into a spending shit show…

via Cursive Design

Little bougie gifts…

We’re thinking of having a little dinner party next month, and I love giving our friends a little somethin’ to take home. Something small but unique, and homemade citrus salt sounds like the right bougie gift for a bougie-ass dinner party. I also love the idea of giving folks wool socks on a dreary night. How rustic would that be to receive some cozy wool socks wrapped in twine and craft paper? (Duh, where else would I get this idea except Kinfolk magazine?)

via 101cookbooks


Super into this Portland label, Hetterson

 So cozy with just enough Northwesty vibe. And check out that rad satchlet.

The lookbook was photographed by another Portland lady, of the Clever Nettle blog and Etsy shop. Every so often I look back at the Hetterson lookbook because it’s just so pretty.